Wednesday, December 4, 2013

6 Lessons Couples Must Learn in their First Year of Marriage

When two people are in love and decide to be with each other for the rest of their lives, they promise to give one another a life of happiness. The first year of the marriage or the ‘extended honeymoon phase’, has a charm of its own. But besides the romance, this is also a time that gives your relationship a much needed foundation.

Marriage teaches you a new lesson every day, sometimes sweet and sometimes bitter but always useful. Here are 6 such beautiful and important lessons that couples must learn in the first year of their marriage.

Beginning of a beautiful friendship

During your courtship period, right up to your wedding and the initial months after that, so many things happen that can bring a couple close to each other. Sharing a good equation with your partner not only physically but also emotionally makes you the best of friends. Trusting each other, keeping no secrets and always confiding in each other should be the thumb rule from the very beginning. This will strengthen your friendship and your relation.

Nurture your love to make it last forever

Love does not only have to last for the first few years of your marriage. The care and attention you give in nurturing your relationship in its first year, will make it last forever! Saying ‘I love you’ more often to each other not only because you have to but because you want to, is a great rule to abide by. Leaving each other love notes, going on date nights more often, trying to understand each other’s point of view without any ego and not holding any grudges will make your bond even more beautiful than ever before!

Apologising goes a long way

In every relation, out of the two partners, one is always more calm, composed and mature than the other. That is why they say that ‘opposites attract’! Never hold yourself back from saying sorry. This would not make you small or put you down. Instead, it will make your parter respect you even more. This will take you and your relation a very long way indeed.


One of the most important lessons to be learnt after getting married is to prioritise things. You need to decide for yourself- what is more important to you? Family interference, especially in the Indian set up, work pressures and just the usual stress can take a toll over your married life. Prioritising your life right from the beginning will make it easier for the two of you in the longer run. Making effort to take some time out for your spouse, respecting their opinion above the others and spending some quality time together every day will make your bond stronger.

Nothing Changes

People often say that lots of things change after you get married. True in some aspects, but if the two of you trust and love each other enough to give space to one another in the marriage, nothing has to change. Everything will remain the way it is- beautiful and blooming.

Believe! This is forever

Another lesson that marriage teaches you in a year’s time is that you need to stop living in the fear of ‘I hope our marriage works out and lasts forever!’ Believe in yourself, believe in your spouse and most importantly, believe in your love and understanding. In short, JUST BELIEVE! Have faith and know that marriage is for keeps.

Learning these important lessons within the first year of your marriage will definitely make your bond strong and your love last, forever!

Relationships are the most beautiful part of a human life and they always must be fresh at any state as they were in the initiate state.

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