Wednesday, December 11, 2013

How Common is Common Sense

Common sense is something all of us are endowed with, yet it often seems to be in short supply. As the pace of the world increases, it seems that common sense is becoming increasingly uncommon, and many of us are guilty of not applying it at times when it is most needed.

Common sense is an instinctive, appropriate response to every day events that helps make life simpler and smoother. In order to have common sense one does not need to have specialized knowledge or be super intelligent; it’s simply an innate understanding of how to behave, what to do, when and how to do it, and doing it in the right place and time. It’s a natural and automatic response to a situation, not something that needs to deliberated over.

Take things on personal level: How many times do you find yourself not applying common sense and doing clumsy things like picking up a hot pan without using oven mitts, or speeding when road signs state, for a very good reason, that you should be driving at 30 or 40. Or, lighting a cigarette, which you have just taken from a packet that tells you clearly that it is killing you! Dropping a banana skin on the pavement is not good common sense: picking it up before someone slips on it, is!

Where is our awareness when we make these common-but-sensless choices? We condemn the hot pan on the stove, or the child on the street at the time of speeding, but seldom take responsibility for our own actions. It’s not so much a sign of losing our mind; it is misusing our mind, and not being in control of our thoughts. The reasons may be carelessness, laziness, lack of attention, to name just a few. But the real root cause is a lack of awareness. We need to work mindfully and not mindlessly. Not only that, but the world seems to be losing collective common sense. 

For example: As people were recently meeting in the world climate change conference COP19 in Warsaw, scientists in New Zealand were discovering proof that the weakening of the earth’s crust following a massive earthquake, was due to climate change. Researchers also claim that Typhoon Haiyan which destroyed the Island of Tacloban in the Philippines recently, also happened for the same reasons.

Have we become so selfish and blind to the outcome of our actions, that we are unable to see the cause and effect taking place right in front of our very eyes? How much proof do we need to realize that damaging Mother Earth to this extent is like committing our own suicide. Do we realize that our future depends on the choices we make at every moment?

The reason that we don’t have access to our own common sense is because we are so pre-occupied with people and events, who said what to whom, what happened and why, thoughts of doubt and confusion, regrets of the past and worries about the future – that we forget to live in the present moment. We are always somewhere else with our mind.

In order to tap into my own inner wisdom am I aware? Am I living in the present moment and ready to respond to the next moment with calmness and composure, or is my mind in a thousand different places?

What is needed here is spiritual intelligence. If I become internally quiet then I can access my inner wisdom. Common sense is common because we all have it; we just need to reconnect with it. It’s time to be aware of the moment and to apply common sense to our daily lives. As the turmoil in the world increases, let us be mindful and not mindless and emerge our innate spiritual wisdom. Live in the moment and you will know exactly what to do when.

Before shouting about the problems that why there are not being solved?

you should better have knowledge of problem..

Wednesday, December 4, 2013

6 Lessons Couples Must Learn in their First Year of Marriage

When two people are in love and decide to be with each other for the rest of their lives, they promise to give one another a life of happiness. The first year of the marriage or the ‘extended honeymoon phase’, has a charm of its own. But besides the romance, this is also a time that gives your relationship a much needed foundation.

Marriage teaches you a new lesson every day, sometimes sweet and sometimes bitter but always useful. Here are 6 such beautiful and important lessons that couples must learn in the first year of their marriage.

Beginning of a beautiful friendship

During your courtship period, right up to your wedding and the initial months after that, so many things happen that can bring a couple close to each other. Sharing a good equation with your partner not only physically but also emotionally makes you the best of friends. Trusting each other, keeping no secrets and always confiding in each other should be the thumb rule from the very beginning. This will strengthen your friendship and your relation.

Nurture your love to make it last forever

Love does not only have to last for the first few years of your marriage. The care and attention you give in nurturing your relationship in its first year, will make it last forever! Saying ‘I love you’ more often to each other not only because you have to but because you want to, is a great rule to abide by. Leaving each other love notes, going on date nights more often, trying to understand each other’s point of view without any ego and not holding any grudges will make your bond even more beautiful than ever before!

Apologising goes a long way

In every relation, out of the two partners, one is always more calm, composed and mature than the other. That is why they say that ‘opposites attract’! Never hold yourself back from saying sorry. This would not make you small or put you down. Instead, it will make your parter respect you even more. This will take you and your relation a very long way indeed.


One of the most important lessons to be learnt after getting married is to prioritise things. You need to decide for yourself- what is more important to you? Family interference, especially in the Indian set up, work pressures and just the usual stress can take a toll over your married life. Prioritising your life right from the beginning will make it easier for the two of you in the longer run. Making effort to take some time out for your spouse, respecting their opinion above the others and spending some quality time together every day will make your bond stronger.

Nothing Changes

People often say that lots of things change after you get married. True in some aspects, but if the two of you trust and love each other enough to give space to one another in the marriage, nothing has to change. Everything will remain the way it is- beautiful and blooming.

Believe! This is forever

Another lesson that marriage teaches you in a year’s time is that you need to stop living in the fear of ‘I hope our marriage works out and lasts forever!’ Believe in yourself, believe in your spouse and most importantly, believe in your love and understanding. In short, JUST BELIEVE! Have faith and know that marriage is for keeps.

Learning these important lessons within the first year of your marriage will definitely make your bond strong and your love last, forever!

Relationships are the most beautiful part of a human life and they always must be fresh at any state as they were in the initiate state.

Steps to Breast Cancer Prevention

Breast cancer is one of the fiercest ailments that a lot of women face today. In many cases, it turns out to be fatal as it is not detected in its early stages. But if one pays a little heed towards protecting one’s own health, simple steps can wave off the risk of breast cancer. It sure is a difficult disease to fight but if taken care of well in advance, anyone can survive it. All it takes is a little effort and a cautious lifestyle! So, take a look at few best ways you can prevent the risks of breast cancer..

Try being fit, not over weight In women, cancer becomes a bigger threat especially after menopause. Although, with today’s lifestyle changes the onset can be even earlier as well. Being obese or overweight increases the chances of getting breast cancer at that post-menopause age. Try maintaining a body mass index prescribed by a fitness expert that is according to your age, height and weight. Also, eat healthy and exercise well.

Eat right and healthy Some right kinds of food can prevent you from the risk of developing breast cancer disease. Foods like berries, pomegranates, fish, pluses, etc. are rich in antioxidants and many more vital nutrients that can help you to keep breast cancer risk at bay. So, know about these foods and include them in your diet.

Stay physically fit Just maintaining a weight is not enough, you have to stay physically active as well to lower the risks of this disease. Regular exercising strengthens your body’s immunity system and reduces the risk of breast cancer by 10 to 30 percent. Exercise does not mean going to a gym or doing a strenuous workout, even a 30 minutes’ walk can do a lot of good for your body. 

Stay away from alcoholic drinks and smoking Having alcohol once in a blue moon will do you no harm as far as breast cancer is concerned, but for those who come with a family history of the disease should avoid it completely. Alcohol is also believed to increase the estrogen levels in the body. Also, quitting smoking not only lowers the risk of breast cancer but is good for your overall health as well.

Breastfeed your baby It is now a proven fact that those women who breastfeed their child for a longer time, lower their risk of getting breast cancer at any stage after that. Estrogen is a hormone present in women that can increase the risk of this cancer, but breastfeeding hampers its production in the body. Also, after a certain age, women who have had a family history of breast cancer can consult their doctors and ask them to prescribe estrogen blocking drugs.

Detect the symptoms, be aware It is a well-known fact that by being a little aware of how your breasts feel and look, one might be able detect the disease. Try to feel your breasts at regular intervals to see if you feel any lumps or something else that is unusual. If so, visit your doctor at once. It not necessarily means that the lump is cancer. And if it is, you will at least have the time to treat it properly and get rid of the disease for good. Also, keep a check on your family’s medical history.

Five leading medical professionals share their top healthy living tips for preventing cancer. Shape magazine.

Eat Dark Chocolate: Flavonoids like pentamer, present in cocoa, has cancer-fighting properties. Dark chocolate is rich in cocoa and is certainly one of the tastiest ways to help you stay away from cancer. Pollution, radiations and bad living habits pave the way for various kinds of cancer. To effectively combat cancer, adopt a way of living that is pure and simple.

Avoid Processed Foods: Numerous studies have shown that processed foods and sugar can significantly increase the risk of cancer. Maintaining a healthy diet rich in all nutrients and supplements is one of the basic steps to fight cancer.

Steer Clear of Carcinogens: It is quite obvious that to prevent cancer, you need to strictly avoid all things that can cause cancer. Alcohol, cigarettes and other recreational drugs are among the top causes of cancer.

Get Some Exercise: An inactive lifestyle with no exercise can drastically increase the odds of cancer. Regular exercise strengthens the immune system and helps in the regulation of chemicals, enzymes and hormones in the body.

Sleep Soundly: The human body requires a minimum of 8 hours of sleep to regulate all of its functions properly. Regular sleep helps in maintaining a healthy endocrine system and its ability to fight cancer. It is also essential to sleep in complete darkness to promote a healthy endocrine system.

Add Garlic to Your Meals: Garlic has very powerful antioxidant properties. It also strengthens the immune system and helps to prevent cancer. Various studies have shown that garlic can exponentially decrease the odds of stomach cancer.

Reduce Hazardous Interactions: There are a variety of environmental factors that can cause cancer. Radiation from mobile phones and other electronic devices can increase the chances of cancer. Limit your exposure to the minimum to combat cancer.

Eat Broccoli: Broccoli is one of the super foods which can help you effectively prevent cancer. However, it is not recommended to microwave broccoli as it destroys its anti carcinogenic flavonoids. It is best to boil broccoli or eat it raw as a snack.

Pick power fruits: "I make smoothies with pomegranates and blueberries because my research shows that both these fruits contain compounds that can slow the growth of certain types of cancer cells." -Shuian Chen, Ph.D., director, Tumor Cell Biology Beckman Research Institute, City of Hope

Keep the scale steady: "More than 90,000 cancer deaths a year occur due to being overweight. Carrying as little as 10 extra pounds may increase your production of sex hormones like estrogen, raising your risk for breast and uterine cancers. I step on the scale every few days. If the number creeps up, I try to exercise a little more or eat a little less to get back on track." -Ann Kulze, M.D., director, Prevent Cancer Foundation

Go Greek! "My diet is mostly Mediterranean-plenty of fruits, vegetables, fish, olive oil, whole grains, nuts, and legumes. People who eat this way, exercise regularly, and don't smoke cut their odds of getting cancer by at least 60 percent."-Lorenzo Cohen, Ph.D., director, MD Anderson Cancer Center's Integrative Medicine Program

Watch your mouth: "Oral cancers are on the rise among people ages 20 to 40, which we believe is because of HPV spread through oral sex. I always look for unusual changes in my patient's mouth, like sores or blisters on the cheeks, tongue, or lips. It usually takes less than two minutes. If your dentist doesn't already do this, ask her to start." -Gigi Meinecke, D.M.D., a dentist in Potomac, Maryland

Spice things up: "Cooking meat over high temps creates carcinogenic compounds called heterocyclic amines, or HCA. I marinate meat and add herbs before grilling. Our studies show that doing this can slash levels of HCA by 40 percent." -J. Scott Smith, Ph.D., chair, Kansas State University's Food Graduate Program 

Tuesday, December 3, 2013

10 visa-free destinations for Indian citizens

Indian travelers may rue the declining rupee but there are other perks to being an Indian citizen. Holders of Indian passports have visa-free and visa-on-arrival access to about 52 countries and territories around the world. At least 28 of these nations allow Indian passport holders to visit without a pre-issued visa.

In many cases, an Indian citizen's country of residence determines the degree of access to other countries. Indian citizens holding permanent resident (Green Card) status in the United States do not require visas to visit Canada, Mexico and some Caribbean islands. Indians with a residency in Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC) countries do not need a visa to enter the United Arab Emirates. Indian citizens do not, similarly, need a visa to enter Nepal or Bhutan.

Do note, however, that getting to some of these destinations might involve a significant air travel cost. Also bear in mind that visa-free access, though it may be permitted, is not necessarily a right. Permission to enter a country is granted subject to the decision of border and immigration officers. Visiting for reasons other than tourism may require a pre-issued visa.


Bhutan, the happiest little nation in the world, is among the most sought-after Himalayan destinations for tourists but the Himalayan mountain kingdom is very conservative when it comes to tourism. Travel writer Pico Iyer mentioned it in his book, Falling off the Map, as one of the world's remotest places. Until recently, Bhutan restricted tourist numbers. Though that has changed, the country still requires foreign tourists to pay for their entire holiday in advance and travel on a pre-issued tourist visa. Flying into Bhutan's solitary airport at Paro is possible only through the national carrier Druk Air, which operates flights from Delhi, Kolkata, Bangkok and Yangon. 

Indian citizens, however, have it easier. On production of a valid passport or voter's identity card, a permit is issued that is valid for two weeks.

Tourism information:


Most Indians need to look up the British Virgin Islands on a map. They lie in the Caribbean Sea, and include over 60 islands and keys, of which about 43 are uninhabited. Indian citizens are granted a 31-day visa-free stay in the British Virgin Islands for tourism purposes. One of the best ways to visit the islands is by cruise ship, as many cruises operate from the United States to the nearby US Virgin Islands. There are no direct flights between India and the British Virgin Islands.

Approximate cost of round trip flight: INR 1,60,000 (via Paris and Saint Maarten)

Tourism information:  


The Cook Islands lie in Polynesia, off the coast of New Zealand. They are named after Captain James Cook, who discovered them for the western world in 1770. Since 1965, the islands have been self-governed with free association to the government of New Zealand, which controls the islands' defence, foreign affairs (including passport control) and currency. Immigration is strictly controlled. Indian citizens are allowed to stay for up to 200 days without a visa, but must show proof of reserved accommodation and are not exempt from paying the departure tax of NZ$55 for adults and NZ$15 for children. Rarotonga International Airport, the main port of entry to the Cook Islands, is connected to Auckland via daily flights and weekly flights from Sydney, Fiji and Los Angeles.

Approximate cost of round trip flight: INR 1,60,000 (via Singapore and Auckland)

Tourism information:  


Not to be confused with the Caribbean nation known as the Dominican Republic, the island of Dominica was the last of the Caribbean islands to be colonized by the British. It has beautiful hiking trails, rainforests and beaches with great opportunities for snorkelling. Indian citizens are allowed to stay for 22 months without a visa.

Approximate cost of round trip flight: INR 2,00,000 (via Paris and Saint Maarten)

Tourism information: 


El Salvador, the most densely populated country in Central America, lies between Guatemala and the Honduras. Volcanoes, mountains and cloud forests offer plenty of nature discovery and hiking opportunities. Old colonial towns and UNESCO World Heritage Sites beckon heritage tourists. Indian nationals are permitted to stay for a maximum of three months without a visa.

Approximate cost of round trip flight: INR 1,44,000 (via Paris and Miami)

Tourism information: 


The beautiful Caribbean islands of Grenada offer much to tourists in the form of beaches, waterfalls, historic forts and spice gardens. Indian tourists can travel visa-free in Grenada for up to 90, but must show proof of sufficient funds to cover the cost of their travel.

Approximate cost of round trip flight: INR 1.60,000 (via London and Miami)

Tourism information: 


Haiti is off the travel map for most tourists owing to the devastation left by the 2010 earthquake. One of the poorest countries in the Western hemisphere, its current political situation and concerns over the safety of tourists has prompted many countries to issue strict travel advisories. That said, Indian tourists are welcome without a visa for a maximum stay of three months.

Approximate cost of round trip flight: INR 1,52,000 (via Dubai and New York)

Tourism information: 


Jamaica is the most populous of the English-speaking Caribbean countries and its easygoing culture, cuisine and music, besides its many beaches, are attractive to tourists. Indian tourists can stay without a visa on producing a passport valid for six months and sufficient proof of funds and onward travel.

Approximate cost of round trip flight: 1,53,000 (via Dubai and New York/ Toronto)

Tourism information: 


Not to be confused with the Spanish region of the same name, Montserrat is an island in the Caribbean southeast of Puerto Rico and once a popular resort. Since 1989, hurricanes and volcanic eruptions forced its closure but the island is slowly limping back. Indian citizens must show proof of citizenship but can travel visa-free on furnishing proof of onward travel and adequate funds.

Approximate cost of round trip flight: 1,30,000 (to Antigua,via London) and a 15-minute air-hop from Antigua to Montserrat (about INR 5,000)

Tourism information:


The far-flung Federated States of Micronesia are a group of 607 islands in the Western Pacific Ocean, comprising the states of Yap, Chuuk, Pohnpei and Kosrae. It is considered one of the most remote and beautiful places in the world, with pristine coral reefs, quaint cultures, exotic food and picturesque islands. Indian citizens can travel visa-free for 30 days upon producing proof of sufficient funds, onward travel and accommodation.

Approximate cost of round trip flight: 2,04,000 (via Hong Kong, Guam and Truk)

Tourism information:

Thursday, November 14, 2013

కూల్‌డ్రింక్స్ తాగుతున్నారా..? కాస్త ఆలోచించండి!

కూల్‌డ్రింక్స్ తాగుతున్నారా..? కాస్త ఆలోచించండి.. కూల్‌డ్రింక్స్ ఆరోగ్యానికి మంచిది కాదని పరిశోధకులు హెచ్చరిస్తున్నారు. కూల్‌డ్రింక్ తాగడం వల్ల ఉత్సాహం వస్తుందని, శక్తి వస్తుందని ప్రకటనలు వస్తున్నా.. కూల్‌డ్రింక్స్ తాగడం వల్ల కిడ్నీలకు ముప్పు వాటిల్లే ప్రమాదముందని శాస్త్రవేత్తలు హెచ్చరిస్తున్నారు.

కూల్‌డ్రింక్స్‌లో ఉండే చక్కెరతో మూత్రపిండాలకు ముప్పు వాటిల్లే ప్రమాదముందని జపాన్‌కు చెందిన ఒసాకా విశ్వవిద్యాలయ పరిశోధకులు నిర్వహించిన ఒక అధ్యయనంలో గుర్తించారు. ఇందులోని చక్కెర మూత్ర పిండాల ఆరోగ్యంపై తీవ్రమైన ప్రతికూల ప్రభావం చూపుతున్నట్టు వీరి అధ్యయనంలో తేలింది. రోజుకు కనీసం రెండు కూల్‌డ్రింక్స్‌ తీసుకునే వారిలో ప్రొటీనూరియా లేక మూత్రంలో ప్రోటీన్ల విసర్జన ఎక్కువగా జరుగుతున్నట్టు వీరు తమ అధ్యయనంలో గుర్తించారు. కాబట్టి కూల్‌డ్రింక్స్‌ తాగేటప్పుడు కాస్త ఆలోచించండి.

మధ్యాహ్న నిద్ర మంచిదేనంటున్న ఆరోగ్య నిపుణులు!

చాలా మందికి మధ్యాహ్నం పూట కాస్త కునుకుతీయటం అలవాటు. ఇంటి పట్టున ఉండేవారు మాత్రమే కాకుండా ఆఫీసుల్లో ఉద్యోగాలు చేసే వారు కూడా తమతమ సీట్లలో పది నిమిషాల పాటు కునుకుతీస్తుంటారు. అలా 10 -20 నిమిషాల పాటు విశ్రాంతి తీసుకున్నట్టయితే, వారు రెట్టించిన ఉత్సాహంతో పని చేస్తారని ఆరోగ్య నిపుణులు చెపుతున్నారు.

అయితే, కొన్ని కొలువుల్లో ఇలాంటి అవకాశం లభించనే లభించదు. ఇలాంటి వారి శరీరం అలసటకు గురవుతుందని చెపుతున్నారు. దీన్ని తట్టుకునేందుకు టీ తాగడం, చిరు తిండ్లు ఆరగించడం వంటివి చేస్తుంటారు. ఇలా చేయడం వల్ల శరీర బరువు పెరుగుతుందని హెచ్చరిస్తున్నారు.

అందువల్ల ఆఫీసుల్లో పని చేసే సిబ్బంది కూడా పది నిమిషాల పాటు తమ కుర్చీల్లోనే నిద్రపోయినట్టయితే వారు తమ విధుల్లో రెట్టించిన ఉత్సాహంతో పని చేస్తారని ఆరోగ్య నిపుణులు సలహా ఇస్తున్నారు.

శరీరంలో రక్తం ఉత్పత్తి కావాలంటే ఎలాంటి ఆహారం తీసుకోవాలో తెలుసుకోండి.

చూడటానికి బక్కపలచగా ఉన్నారా.. డాక్టర్ దగ్గరకు వెళితే శరీరంలో రక్తం లేదని చెప్పారా.. ఇక లాభం లేదని బ్లడ్ ఎక్కించుకోవాలనుకుంటున్నారా.. అయితే కాస్త ఆగండి. శరీరంలో రక్తం ఉత్పత్తి కావాలంటే ఎలాంటి ఆహారం తీసుకోవాలో తెలుసుకోండి.

శరీరంలో రక్తశాతం తగ్గితే అలసట, ఉదర సంబంధిత సమస్యలు, శ్వాసకోశ సమస్యలు ఉత్పన్నమవుతాయి. సో.. రక్త ఉత్పత్తికి, రక్త శుద్ధికి ఎలాంటి ఆహారం తీసుకోవాలో తెలుసుకోవాలంటే ఈ కథనం చదవండి. నేరేడు పండ్లను అప్పుడప్పుడూ తింటూ ఉంటే రక్తం ఉత్పత్తి అవుతుంది.

ఖర్జూర పండ్లను తేనెలో మూడు రోజుల పాటు నానబెట్టి పూటకు రెండు లేదా మూడు స్పూన్లు తీసుకుంటే రక్తం ఉత్పత్తి అవుతుంది. ప్రతిరోజూ రాత్రి అర గ్లాసుడు నీటిలో ఎండిన అత్తిపండును నానబెట్టి, మరుసటి రోజు ఉదయం పరగడుపున తాగితే రక్తం వృద్ధి చెందుతుంది.

ఇక బీట్‌రూట్, మునగాకును కందిపప్పుతో వండి.. అందులో కోడిగుడ్డును చేర్చి 41 రోజులు తింటూ వస్తే రక్తం ఉత్పత్తి అవుతుంది. అలాగే అల్లం రసంతో తేనె కలిపి తీసుకుంటే రక్తం శుద్ధి అవుతుంది. ఇంకా టమోటాను వంటలతో పాటు పచ్చిగా తినడం ద్వారా రక్తం శుద్ధీకరించబడుతుందని ఆరోగ్య నిపుణులు అంటున్నారు.

బీహార్‌లో అతిపెద్ద విరాట రామాయణ మందిర నిర్మాణం!

బీహార్ రాష్ట్రంలో విరాట రామాయణ మందిరాన్ని నిర్మించనున్నారు. ఈ నమూనాను ఆ రాష్ట్ర ముఖ్యమంత్రి నితీశ్ కుమార్ బుధవారం ఆవిష్కరించారు. ఈ ఆలయ నిర్మాణం పూర్తయితే ఇది ప్రపంచంలోనే అతిపెద్ద హిందూ దేవాలయం కానుంది

ప్రస్తుతం ప్రపంచంలోనే కంబోడియా దేశంలోని అంగ్‌కోర్‌వాట్ విష్ణుదేవాలయం అతిపెద్ద హిందూ దేవాలయంగా ఉంది. దీనికి మించిపోయేలా బీహార్ ముఖ్యమంత్రి నితీశ్‌కుమార్ రూ.500 కోట్ల ఖర్చుతో ప్రపంచంలోనే అతిపెద్ద హిందూ దేవాలయంగా విరాట రామాయణ మందిరాన్ని నిర్మించేందుకు శ్రీకారం చుట్టారు.

ద్వారకపీఠం శంకరాచార్య స్వామి స్వరూపానంద సరస్వతి సమక్షంలో నితీశ్‌ కుమార్ ఈ ఆలయ నమూనాను ఆవిష్కరించారు. బీహార్ రాజధాని పాట్నాకు 120 కిలోమీటర్ల దూరాన పశ్చిమ చంపారన్ జిల్లాలోని జానకీనగర్‌లో 400 అడుగుల ఎత్తుతో అంగ్‌కోర్‌వాట్ కంటే రెండింతల విస్తీర్ణంలో ఈ ఆలయ నిర్మాణాన్ని చేపట్టనున్నారు.

దాదాపు 190 ఎకరాల్లో నిర్మించనున్న ఈ ఐదు అంతస్థుల మందిరంలో భగవాన్ శ్రీరాముడు ప్రధాన పూజలు అందుకుంటారు. రామలక్ష్మణులు నడయాడిన ఈ స్థలంలో, దేశవ్యాప్తంగా వచ్చే విరాళాల సహాయంతో ఆలయ నిర్మాణం జరుగుతుందని అధికారులు వెల్లడించారు.

ప్రతిష్టాత్మకమైన ఈ ఆలయ నిర్మాణం మహవీర్ మందిర్ ట్రస్ట్ పర్యవేక్షణలో వచ్చే ఐదేళ్లలో పూర్తికానుంది. ఈ మందిర సముదాయంలో శ్రీకృష్ణుడు, శివుడు, పార్వతి, విష్ణు, సూర్య, గణేశ్ తదితర హిందూ దేవతల విగ్రహాలను స్థాపించిన 18 ఆలయాలు ఉంటాయి.

ఈ ఆలయంలో ఏకకాలంలో 20 వేల మంది ఆసీనులు కావ్వొచ్చు. విరాట రామాయణ మందిరం గోపురం, శిల్పకళ అంగ్‌కోర్‌వాట్‌ను పోలిఉన్నా.. దాన్ని పూర్తిగా అనుకరించలేదని అధికారులు చెప్పారు.